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Migration Director ENTERPRISE

Object Migration & Promotion for Oracle EBS


Unitask’s Migration Director Enterprise for the Oracle E-Business Suite provides the most advanced and cost-effective automated migration software solution available in the world today. Migration Director solves the tedious, manually intensive and continually error-prone process of migrating objects between instances in today’s advanced Oracle Enterprise. Unitask’s Migration Director Enterprise dramatically reduces operation burden and ongoing costs while increasing productivity and security immediately.


Unitask’s Migration Director Enterprise eliminates the manual challenges of packaging and deploying changes required between instances of Oracle E-Business Suite. With a simple “Point-Click-Change” approach, changes are compiled, packaged and ready for migration in minutes, not hours, with no errors, no worries and no delays! Compile and change with confidence all while remaining safe, secure and compliant.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate—automate packaging and transfer of Oracle EBS changes
  • Increase system uptime—shorten scheduled maintenance windows
  • Ensure compliance—provide auditability of the change processes
  • Reusable—build once and apply many
  • Zero migration errors—guarantees accuracy providing greater efficiency
  • Extendible—integrates seamlessly with ALM and Version Control Systems

Key Features

  • Installs directly into the Oracle Instances no additional hardware, software or security to set up and learn.
  • ZeroError Migrations eliminates the manual scripting required to migrate AOL Setups, Customizations, OA Framework, Discoverer Objects, XML Objects, Forms, Reports, Java Code, Java Classes, Files, Concurrent Programs, PL/SQL Packages, SQL Scripts, Host Commands, Workflows, and Schema Objects.
  • Ensures Integrity Migration Director’s FlexControl technology freezes the objects contained in the change package to ensure that the components cannot be modified or changed without recompiling the package.
  • Granular Change Control Migration Director allows you to control who can migrate, what they can migrate and where they can migrate changes to and from.
  • Enhanced Audit Trail with each change package a detailed report is generated listing all the entities and sub-entities that will be affected by applying this change and provides automated change documentation and reporting.
  • Impact Analysis analyzes the effects of a change before it is migrated and applied to a target instance.
  • Package Level Rollbacks allows a change package to be reversed back to the original state before the change was applied.
  • Change Modifications each change package is controlled with our FlexControl technology to allow existing packages to be modified and reused while maintaining a complete package version history.
  • Packages of Packages simplifies release management and staging of new instances by consolidating multiple change packages into a single master package to be applied.
  • Advanced Integration to Version Control Systems Migration Director further extends your control when checking in or out of your Version Control System with support for Labeling, Revisions and the ability to version your AOL setups.


At Unitask, we believe it takes more than just advanced technology to be successful; it takes a whole new way of doing business. While others merely offer software packages, Unitask provides a complete Automated Migration Management solution that is economical and ensures timeliness and success. Since our inception, our exclusive focus has been Oracle EBS. We understand and have solved the most common migration management challenges facing the enterprise today. Unitask delivers unmatched expertise and capabilities through software, service and support—that’s the Unitask advantage.

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