Looking for “B” Players

Recently I had the honor to be invited back to my Collegiate alma mater to give a talk to the current Business Students. Since this was my first trip back to the Business School in 34 years, I was a bit perplexed as to how I could give a talk and relate to students who faced far different challenges than those I had faced so many years before, remembering that during my tenure as a college student there were:


  • No Personal Computers
  • No Cell Phones
  • No Internet

The on rush of anxiety set in as I thought about what I would discuss while trying not to be the “Old Guy who showed up in class…” With a gracious introduction to the students, I was given the opportunity to talk about any topic I thought relevant.

I chose “In Search of B Players”

As my talk to the students began, I quickly explained that I was not interested in those who were 4.0 GPA students. I was not there to meet, greet, talk with or interview Valedictorians, or by implication, those on the “Dean’s List”. Rather I was there, as an honored guest in search of “B Players.” With the blood quickly draining from the face of the Dean of the Business School to a ghostly shade of white, and horror painted across every Professor’s face, I was quickly convinced I had captured the attention of all.

With the room now silent and surely focused on “Who is the Crazy CEO”, I began to explain a philosophy that would either have me blackballed for another 34 years, or have every student set upon a path of success for the next decade.

I want “B Players.” I want team members, individual contributors and fellow managers who are well rounded, well versed and experienced in life – those that adhere to a basic set of Principles:

  • BE Interesting
  • BE Memorable
  • BE Committed

I want “BE Players.” The world we face today is one that is filled with an electronic tether at all times. Our connection via smart phones, Phablets, Tablets, Laptops, emails, texts and Snap Chats continually fills us with a relentless barrage of digital noise, and one that leaves us numb.

But rarely does it provide us the interpersonal talk that makes us memorable, interesting, even trustworthy based upon an ability to sympathize, empathize, and relate. It too often reduces us to simply another blah blah blah infomercial. We become the human form of Beige.

BE Interesting.

With the room as silent as my last Sales Forecast meeting, I quickly explained that the pace and success of business today is done by those that are interesting and memorable. The internet NEVER sleeps – it delivers – email, newsletters, infographics as well as a “Limited Time Only Value” every moment of every day. To have success, you must stand out and differentiate from not simply a nearby business, but hundreds and thousands just like it around the world.

So how do you stand out? How do you make a difference from the 719 other emails, texts and tweets that were all delivered in the last 2 hours?


The talk ended. Students applauded, the Dean once again had blood flow and color, and the Professors were less panicked. While it was not the chat that will solve World Peace, nor allow Dogs & Cats to live on the streets in harmony, it was one thing.


Looking for Verified Results?
We’ve Got You Covered

Ok, so it’s St. Patrick’s Day, one of the worst days of the year that you could possibly pick to upgarde, fix, patch, change anything in Oracle EBS. Why, you ask?

Because of our old traditional Irish Friend “Murphy” who shows up at the worst possible moment!

Making changes and updates can often be a tedious task, especially when we think about the dreaded “C” word, Cloning. So how can you possibly eliminate errors, misconfigurations, broken links, even ACL issues on a day that should be celebrated with Rivers of Green and a treasure hunt for the elusive Pot of Gold?

Think “Verifier”.

Unitask Verifier provides a fast and safe solution for troubleshooting Oracle EBS implementations equipped with Unitask Software Solutions. Transparent in nature to the Enterprise EBS environment, Unitask Verifier is a lightweight scripted program that provides an immediate capability to verify implementations to ensure the most common faults are easily recognized and remedied BEFORE they impact a roll out.

The test case analysis included in Verifier for use with every version of EBS from 11.5.9 forward includes:

  • O/S Profile Checks
  • JSP Profile Validation
  • Forms Compilation
  • ACL’s Review
  • VCS Alive Tests
  • Discoverer Agent Alive
  • Path Verification Tests
  • Database Connection Tests
  • Instance Naming & Key Compare


With online corresponding solutions, Verifier is an excellent tool to maintain and troubleshoot Oracle EBS systems equipped with Unitask Software solutions for smooth and uninterrupted deployments .

The Verifier feature is available for all Unitask Customers with Current Support Contracts.

Don’t have it yet? Get Verifier or find it in the Customer Support Portal

Partnerships Can Be A Tricky Thing

In Business today, the term “Partnership” may be second only to the word “Free” in its over use and misapplication. A daily scan of headlines screams of companies joining forces, glorious benefits to be created with value and merit to be delivered. Yet in the drive to create buzz, hits, views and impressions, one thing seems to always be missing – results. It’s time to get back to Partnerships that deliver.

partner3part=ner (partner) – noun
A person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits
To work jointly for common and mutual good or reward
To realize results for the mutual good.

So while press releases and “selfies” with blogs are fun, being a partner by definition means executing for value – value for all involved. But how?

Start with the Basics. To have a great partnership, the end results needs to have a positive effect on three core principles:

  • People
    Are all parties contributing, or is this like the “Hanger-On” from your College Econ 216 group project who just shows up, but doesn’t contribute? To have a successful partnership, each party (and customer) must contribute with effort, intelligence and integrity to ensure an outcome that matters and is measurable for all.
  • Projects
    What effect does the partnership have on potential projects? Do new opportunities grow that were not available previously? Are expansion opportunities for even greater value & efficiencies available for projects that are already in process? Does it deliver success with a higher probability of success? Does it expedite the timing of the end result?
  • Performance
    Oh yeah, the achievement part. Does the contribution return some level of commensurate performance return for the effort extended? In short, is the ROI there for everyone – or is this a wolf in sheep’s clothing for you to do the work and I profit? If all work and all contribute, did all prosper?
    Partnerships can be tricky things. In modern terms, they too often are euphemisms for “Do It For Me”, rather than the Old School Meaning of “Let’s Build Something Great Together”.

Sometimes Old School isn’t so bad. Your thoughts?

Eliminate Config Tpyo’s with EBS Harvesting

While the childhood story of the two brothers Pete and Repeat may have been amusing, the same concept of typing and retyping configuration information in Oracle EBS does not generate the same level of giggles. Couple that with the torture of configuring printers, styles, drivers and queues, pure agony is a better descriptor of administering Oracle EBS.

Unless you can Harvest existing materials and eliminate difficulties in Transitioning and Administering Oracle EBS.

Unitask Harvesting is an administrative software solution that eliminates the mundane retyping of configuration data of administering printers, and styles, while eliminating unique proprietary drivers and print queues. Written as a light weight concurrent request, Unitask Harvest retrieves all known:

  • Network Based IP Printers
  • Microsoft Based Print Servers

Allowing for reuse and synchronization to new systems of all known associated data and configuration information for reuse and synchronization to new systems such as:

  •  Pasta Configs
  • Driver Attributes
  • Orientation Definitions
  • Row & Column Values
  • Oracle Report Drivers (SDRW)

Harvesting and redeploying eliminates the associated burden of:

  • Time – drops system set up and verification by days / weeks
  • Errors – due to “fat fingers” on the keyboard
  • User Downtime – due to inability to deliver report information to designated devices
  • Workload – Drops the configuring of devices from an average of 3 hours to single digit minutes.

Unitask Harvesting uses Standard Oracle approved methodologies and interfaces for easy assimilation, as well as the standard Oracle security model for Username, Password, and Responsibility access controls. Utilizing this automated approach relieves the mundane technical pressure on People and Projects when managing Oracle EBS Output needs.

Available for all supported versions of EBS from 11.5.9 through 12.2.4, Unitask Harvesting is an immediate technical relief for typing and retyping configuration values. Check out Output Director Command Center or call 1-866-UNITASK to find relief today.