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Unitask Output Director

Meet Your Printers New Best Friend.


Transparent to Users

Oracle EBS Users want to print. They don't care how. In a world where Oracle EBS users demand performance, not technical excuses, Unitask Output Director is engineered to perform. Whether the user demand is for EBS Reports, Schedules or Pick Lists delivered to Desktop Printers, Network based All-In-One's, Locally or Remotely, UOD ensures success, not excuses. Output Director delivers the transparency users want, the reliability you demand, all while removing the excuses of technology, geography & complexity.

Invisible to Budgets

While the Business Drivers may vary, the financial ROI from a Unitask Output Director solution are unmistakable. In addition to the Operational improvement uniformly realized across all implementations, Unitask Output Director clients regularly achieve:

  • 20% CAPEX reductions for device capital spending
  • 25% Reduction in printing and consumables expenses
  • 30% OEPX reduction in paper costs
  • 35% Decrease in the number of devices supported
  • 40% Reduction for energy consumption

With an ROI like this, how can you afford to not automate with Unitask?

Applauded by All

"It really was as simple as installing Output Director and then watching it work. We looked at several products that were all 'sizzle and no sausage'. However Unitask simply delivered on what they promised."

- Insurance Commission of Western Australia

Technology Adaptable

As the most Advanced Output Management solution for Oracle EBS in the marketplace today, Unitask Output Director delivers Print * Fax * Email * Store with transparency & simplicity. Ensuring you never touch a printer driver or print queue again, Output Director delivers the independence Corporate EBS users demand with:

Delivery Independence
  • Print * Fax * Email * Store from one native EBS interface
  • Print Locally or Remote
  • Attended or Unattended Printing
Architectural Independence
  • Utilize any and all Desktop Attached Printers
  • Integrate existing Microsoft Print Server to EBS
  • Integration of any Network based printer
  • Specialty Devices such as Check & Label printers
Format Independence
  • Text File support for PDF and PCL
  • Graphic based report support for XML & HTML
  • BI Publisher & Specialty form support
  • Bursting for invoices, labels and pick list directives

Geographically Deployable

Rarely is everyone in one single building, but they need attention & results as if they were. As an Enterprise solution, Unitask Output Director scales from the traditional one building, Dev-Test-Production single tier environment, to those Multi-National, Multi-Campus, Multi-Tier, Environment spread across hundreds of instances with:

Geographic Independence
  • Support for Variable or VPN Access
  • Accommodations for Remote, Mobile or Site Independent Users
  • Rapidly deployment to Business Partners without opening the Corporate network

Declare Independence from Print Drivers & Queues via Unitask Output Director.

Totally Reproducable

"At an approximate consulting rate of $175 an hour, our savings are a minimum of $200,000 for customized reports alone. Additional savings will certainly be realized."

- UGI Utilities

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