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Command Output

Unitask Command Center for the Oracle E-Business Suite is the most advanced and cost-effective Output Management solution available in the world today. With a web enabled graphical interface, UOD CC is designed to eliminate the time consuming & expensive demands organizations face when setting up, maintaining & supporting printers in Oracle EBS.

Command Center for Output Director delivers integrated support for printing, faxing, emailing, and automated repository storage in the Oracle E-Business Suite, by automating the entire process, thus allowing users to print, fax, email and store anywhere, anytime, on any device, while you enjoy:

  • Centralized Command & Control of all Oracle EBS Output
  • Virtualized Architecture of all output with one click for printing, faxing, emailing or storing of reports.
  • Efficiency & Reusability via a drag & drop graphical interface, eliminating all scripting, coding and screaming.
  • No print drivers, queues or long meetings with network teams to configure another all-in-one gadget
  • The peace and quiet of never handling a printer support problem at 3:00am again!

So really, with so much to gain, Why Be Manual?

Control Migrations

Ensuring world-class operations for an Enterprise ERP system such as Oracle EBS is no small task. Command Center for Unitask Migration Director eases the continual rolling stress of Migration & Promotion activities associated with running a Enterprise Application.

Built with an intuitive browser enabled interface, Command Center for Migration Director delivers simplicity in the complex world of Oracle migrations with:

  • Simplified Unified View of the Entire Migration Management Process
  • One Stop Viewing & Management of Packages & Deployments across Instances
  • Full Comparative Analysis of EBS Instances & Packages
  • Historical Reporting of all Migration & Promotion activity
  • Granular Security Controls - ensuring the right people, projects and responsibilities come together.

Command Center for Unitask Migration Director allows you to do more than you ever imagined, all while delivering an ROI measured in months - not years.


Command Center Testimonial

"To the best of my knowledge this is the only product of its kind on the market which gives it a solid niche to operate within. All in all a solid product with no noticable flaws and a significantly simplified administration for a substantially distributed environment."

- Sean B. O'Neil

UOD Command Center Features

Configure Printers, Report Output styles, Users & Groups in minutes, not hours across all EBS systems with a simple click of the mouse with UOD Command Center.

Designed for ease of use, UOD CC delivers:

A Web Based Console for One Click Setups
  • Graphically View all Assigned Resources of an Instance
  • Add or Remove Printers to Instances with One Click
  • Add Groups, Privileges or Size Redirect as Needed
  • Set Uniform Security from One Location
Harvesting & Import Capability
  • Existing Network Based IP Printers
  • Microsoft Print Servers
  • Styles & Reports
Historical Activity Reporting
  • Usage Reports for Users & Departments
  • Duty Cycle Loads for all Devices
  • Top Ten Activity by Program & Module

So for the cost that is less than a large coffee per day, why touch a printer driver ever again?

UMD Command Center Features

With decades of practical experience in the Oracle EBS marketplace, Unitask Command Center for Migration Director delivers an intuitive, web enabled overview of the migration process. Designed for immediate assimilation and use by operations staff, UMD Command Center provides:

  • A Graphical Enterprise View of All Oracle EBS Instances
  • A Comprehensive view of all Deployed Packages - identified per system
  • Expedited Migrations via from any VCS or Non-VCS repository to any EBS instance
  • Pre Impact Analysis & Rollback
  • Automated Package Documentation for all changes

Command Center Testimonial

"We had 100% success rate with Unitask with no other changes to our Oracle environment. This saved us numerous man-hours of troubleshooting."

- Paul Berman

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