Configuring Printers in Oracle E-Business Suite

Writing about how to configure printers in Oracle E-Business Suite 11i/R12, this blogger lays out these steps:

  1. Setup the printer at the OS level
  2. Add a valid entry in the hosts file (Printer Name and the IP Address)
  3. Login to System Administrator responsibility
  4. Navigate to Install > Printer > Register
  5. Define a new printer by entering the Printer Name you have set in the hosts file
  6. Save
  7. Bounce the Concurrent Manager
  8. Submit any standard concurrent request

Probably most technical resources who work with the EBS are familiar with this scenario. In theory, these 8 steps don’t look like much, and Oracle DBAs figured out a long time ago how to keep themselves relevant in a world where hundreds of ISVs plug into Oracle E-Business Suite with the goal of making it more efficient–they do the same thing, but they do it in-house, and they do it without licensing cost.

However, burning up the time of some of the best technical minds in an organization with challenges that software can solve is not the best use of resources. The 8 steps above are easy and clear enough when they apply to a few printers.

The question is what happens to an organization that has a hundred printers? A thousand? What happens to an organization that has a large remote or mobile workforce? The math is pretty easy–8 steps becomes 800, or 8,000, and more steps are added when problems crop up, when a security layer is necessary, or when someone wants to print locally.

Oracle printing software solutions (like Output Director from Unitask) make printing plug-and-play and help solve many of the output challenges faced by the modern enterprise. Software also helps ensure that the extremely valuable time of DBAs can be spent wisely–tackling more complex problems, coming up with new solutions not addressed by third parties, and ultimately enabling more system uptime.

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