Configuring Printers in Oracle EBS – Part 2

We recently reposted this blogger’s 8 steps to configuring printers in Oracle E-Business Suite 11i/R12. This week, there’s more.

Ben Prusinski, an Oracle ACE, DBA, and consultant, describes in a two-part blog series how to prepare for printer setup and then perform the printer setup.

In Part I, Prusinksi writes “[a]s systems applications DBAs, we are tasked with the challenge of printer configuration. Often this is an overlooked item before Go-Live which severely impacts the project success because if the financial analyst or CFO cannot print invoices or financial reports, they will be unable to perform essential tasks even in this green day of paperwork reduction.”

In Part II, the steps for setup are detailed nicely, with great screen shots and clear explanations–he obviously knows what he is doing.

Yet, as we discussed in our last post on this topic, companies looking to maximize the value of hiring elite DBAs like Prusinski might do better to handle printer setup with a technology solution rather than a human solution. DBAs have much more to offer than just performing repetitive setups.

As mentioned above, printers can be an easily over-looked area of a project roll out and there is always the issue of ongoing maintenance. In organizations who have more than just a few machines, this can be a major time suck with a high associated cost, and technology solutions help mitigate this cost while allowing consultants or in-house employees to be re-deployed on other projects.

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